Your Complete Brand Plan VIP

Get out of your own head, stop winging it, and get the support you need to grow your brand

Uninhibited VIP Intensive is a 4-hour session to get you out of your own head and into action.  Get the expert support you need to build your brand personality, messaging, brand positioning, audience building, and more!  Resources and a recording of our session together are included.

It’s time to build the brand and business of your dreams…


Are you feeling…

  • Stuck in your own head  trying to figure out what your next steps should be to reach your goals
  • Ready to scale and grow your brand but feel like you really need another perspective and support of someone who “gets it”
  • Tired of all the conflicting advice around you and ready to get clarity and become confident Creative Director of your brand

  • Ready to create a clear roadmap to uncovering your brand’s true potential and skyrocket your business

…and get to your big, ambitious goals faster.  Introducing…


Lisa Haukom Branding Coach Welcome Page

Here’s the thing:

I want you to unlock your true potential and make your vision even BIGGER.

Why? Because I know from experience we often limit ourselves when we’re in it on our own.
Over the years of working with different brands and entrepreneurs, I’ve seen the biggest progress they make is  after laying specific brand foundations and setting goals for themselves.

We need the supportive expertise of someone who “gets it” and has been where we are.

I  provide understanding, support, encouragement and ask the tough questions to help you gain traction in your brand.

My intention is to provide you with insight and a strategy to make you the empowered and confident CEO of your business.

I use a mix of coaching, strategy, mindset, and personal development to help you reach your potential, stay motivated and implement your personalized Uninhibited Brand Plan.


VIP Intensive

Your Complete Brand Plan VIP Includes

Coaching Session
(value $2000)

During this intense session, I help you get out of your head, gain perspective and see the big picture: your brand as a whole. We’ll talk about your unique influence strategy in detail and help you challenge some of the aspects of your brand to make your vision even bigger.

Brand Assessment (value $600)

We will assess your brand experience and give you actionable feedback on all areas of your brand experience. This will help you connect the dots, so you’re able to see where’s a room for growth.

Video Recording
(value $400)

Our sessions are intense and full of fantastic realisations and shifts in mindset, so it’s important for us that you’re able to replay them when you want to get back to what we talked about on-demand. You’ll receive a video recording of the whole call you can download and watch anytime you like.

Uninhibited Brand Plan Document
(value $600)

After the session, you’ll receive a document that covers all major aspects of your brand strategy we’ll cover on the session. This is key to stay consistent, and communicate your strategy to your team or vendors.

Golden Presets for Instagram (value $100)

My exclusive 14 preset collection for your branded photography, to give your brand a cohesive and consistent look across social media platforms.

Follow up Support
(value $1300)

30 days of Coaching follow up via email support to answer your questions as you put your Uninhibited Brand Plan into action.

$2,500 (value $5,000)

I only have a few spots available each month. Book soon so you don’t miss out.  

To book your call, click the link below, select your availability, complete the brief form, and book your call.


No, because the Brand Uninhibited VIP Intensive is all about priming your brand and helping you understand what you need to do to reach your goals, whether it’s scaling and growing your brand or launching a new, strong brand.
We will help you define your brand visual scheme on the call, by brainstorming what type of visuals would best represent your brand.
Hiring a designer comes after your brand strategy is nailed – that’s how you create a strong brand that makes sense. 


Absolutely!, you can split sessions into 2. I even recommend it as it will give you time to digest and bring your new questions to our second session.


Yes, you can pay $1,250/mo for 2 months. Just email me and I’ll get back to you with instructions for the next steps.


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