The initial rush of starting a business is over. Your brand looks great on the surface, but your sales are frustratingly low. Your website isn’t converting new customers, and you feel like your brand is disconnected from the people your serve.⠀

But captivating brands with that elusive “it factor” aren’t simply lucky – they are intentionally crafted from the ground up. Each aspect is carefully planned, rooted in strategy.  

Visual design cannot work alone. Captivating brands craft their magic by bringing together visuals and strategy. 

To heal the disconnect between your brand and your audience, you need a strategy. Your  website, products, design, and messaging must work together to create captivating brand alchemy. 

Let’s create your unique brand strategy so you can reconnect with your loyal customers in a  memorable way, freeing up your time to focus on the areas of your business you love. 

branding strategy

Imagine pushing past the plateau, spending less time selling and more time welcoming people into your business.

I help you understand the essence of your brand. Together, we intentionally craft your goals, messaging, offers, and ideal clients so you are always talking to and connecting with the right people for your product.

marketing strategy

Your grand opening is over and the dust has settled. To stand out and get your ideal client’s attention in a crowded space, you need a marketing plan that’s rooted in strategy – one you can repeat over and over. With a replicable plan you will spend less time launching and more time creating and selling more of your goods than ever before.

editorial strategy

Now that you have reconnected with your audience you’ll want to deepen that relationship by keeping them in the loop, rewarding your loyal customers and giving them a look behind the scenes.

We will identify your editorial pillars and plan a strategy for your email, blog, and/or social media so you can stay connected with your loyal customers and deepen your relationship with them.

digital resource library

Take the guesswork out of branding your business. Templates, audits and guides – we’ve got it all – to aid you as you continue to polish your business brand so you can stand out among the crowd and make your business truly magical.

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Meet Lisa

The Golden Brand is for the entrepreneurs, the dreamers, the artists, the designers, and everyone in between – the ones who crave a captivating brand that gives their audience a window into their world.

Using my unique mix of strategy and support for individuals, start-ups, and established brands, and drawing on my experience as a clothing designer, pastry chef, and photographer, I work with clients to fulfill their dreams. I’ll become your biggest cheerleader and be with you every step of the way, from concept to brand development.

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