New EBook: Your Complete Brand Plan

The Definitive Guide and Workbook for Small Business CEOs

Private branding packages are expensive and not within every small business CEO’s budget. 

That’s why I have spent the past year creating Your Complete Brand Plan, the definitive guide & workbook for small business CEO’s. My ebook is over 30 pages and the only resource you need to actually define, build & launch your brand, I promise.  

If you complete the clearly outlined steps within the ebook you will have a brand that clearly represents you, your products and services.  This will help you to sell directly to your audience and will make all elements of your business easier.

I personally walk you through the same steps I use in my 6-week private coaching sessions: from brand foundations and brand identity, to content strategy and launch planning. 

6-weeks of personalized brand coaching – a steal for only $47! ($2800 value). 

 “The only guide you need to completely DIY your business brand” – Cary M.

“I am already seeing results from the few changes I have made to my brand messaging.  Thank you for this valuable resource!” – Ona O.

“The Complete Brand Plan is truly packed with tips, strategy and plenty of examples to define your business brand.  I devoured it in one weekend.” – Charley P.

Your Complete Brand Plan Ebook

Value $2800
Only $47

Purchase now and you will also receive my Brand Design Cheat Sheet
- All the Brand Terms you need to know but were embarassed to ask!

Your Complete Brand Plan is the definitive guide & workbook for small business CEO's.

It is the ONLY resource you need to define, build and launch your brand.

This product is a digital download. You will receive a pdf file with easy to follow instructions.

Golden Collection Instagram Presets
for your branded photoshoot

Wondering how your favorite instagram account achieves their signature look?  It’s probably a preset! Presets are amazing for defining your brand’s visual identity, add a cohesive look to your branded photoshoot and are a huge time-saver.

What is a photo preset?

Presets are predefined photo edits that allow you to quickly edit your images in just one click!  They are similar to filters but better.

Golden presets are perfect for giving your brand a cohesive look and you can use the same one for all your photos  to achieve the same look every time you create a new post.

The Golden Collection for instagram contain 14 beautiful presets for use on social media.

  • 10 color presets
  • 2 black and white presets.

Each preset will enhance the tone of your photo without looking overdone. Preset names include Topanga, Cannon Beach, Golden Gate, Bodega Bay and all give your images the feeling of their namesake. Big Sur is clear and bright, Bodega Bay is subdued, Portland will make your scenic images come alive and Topanga warms the image-enhancing skin for a newly sunned look.  

The Golden Collection Presets are compatible with Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile. 


Curious to learn more? Read my blog post here. 

Golden Collection Presets for Instagram

Original Price $97
Now $67

The Golden Collection contains 14 presets.

Each preset will enhance the tone of your photo without looking overdone. 

Download Lightroom and Lightroom Mobile prior to installing presets.

This product is a digital download. You will receive a zip file with easy to follow instructions.

*Because this product is a digital download, All sales are final


How to Set Realistic Business Goals -and Keep Them

The time to set your business goals for 2021 has arrived. Here’s how to set realistic business goals and stick to them to bring them into reality for your business brand. Sounds great right? Now here’s the part that will set you up for success. Before you begin to strategize your goals for 2021, take a moment to reflect on the past year. Take stock of what went well for your brand, and what just…went. Revisit your business plan with fresh eyes, examine your business strategy and review your products or offers. Once your audit of last year is complete you can dig into setting juicy business goals for the new year.

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